DISKON WhatsApp Blast Sender Lisensi 1 Tahun

...Apakah Anda detik ini sedang menginginkan sebuah produk Aplikasi Desktop Windows Bisnis? Bisa jadi informasi di bawah ini adalah yang AndaWhatsApp Blast Sender Lisensi 1 TahunPengirim Pesan WhatsApp Otomatis

You Can Have WhatsApp Blast Sender Now

WhatsApp Blast Sender is a tool for sending Whatsapp messages to many numbers at once, without having to save the numbers first.


Not only that, you can use many special features contained in this software:


Whatsapp Multiple Accounts

You can use a different WhatsApp number for every process you do.


Export & Import Contact List

You Can Import & Export For Every Whatsapp Contact You Have


Support Sending 3 File Types

You can also send messages in the form of text, images and even documents (txt, doc, excell, pdf etc.)


[New] Personalization

Most Wanted Feature, With this feature you can send messages personally according to the data you have, such as Order Date, Invoice Number, Nominal, Full Name, Address etc. 

Support Delay Time

With this feature, you don't have to worry anymore about the risk of being banned from WhatsApp, because you can set a delay between one message and another. 

Generate WhatsApp Number

You Can Generate a List of Mobile Numbers for Your Whatsapp Promotions


Grab Group Contacts

With this feature, you can retrieve contact numbers from groups that you have joined in.


 WhatsApp Number Verification

You can verify the Generated Contact Numbers Are Using Whatsapp or Not.

The latest information is that until now WhatsApp is the largest chat application in the world with nearly 1.4 billion users, and the number continues to grow.

Here are some interesting statistics about whatsapp :

  • Number of Active Users : More than 1.4 Billion
  • Number of messages sent daily : More than 55 Billion
  • Total Number of WhatsApp Groups: More than 1 Billion
  • Number of Photos Shared Every Day: More than 4.5 billion
  • Total WhatsApp Status Every day: More than 300 Million
  • Total Video Calls Every Day: more than 55 Million

This means that Whatsapp has the potential to increase your sales turnover.

You can mass broadcast to all your customers, just to say hello or to offer other promotional products..


Or, to follow up, for Leads who have not made a transfer.


The problem is, to do mass broadcasting, your WhatsApp number must also be stored on the customer's cellphone, so they can receive your broadcast.


Want to send private messages one by one?

You can be sure your fingers will ache and curl.

Just imagine, for example there are 100 numbers that you have to send every day.

You send Whatsapp messages one by one... ????

Of the millions of existing Whatsapp users, maybe your competitor is one of them who already uses this WhatsApp Blast Sender.

I'm very sure, you don't want to be left behind from your competitors, so since yesterday, I recommend this tool for you.

Now, the decision is yours, do you want to have it now, or are you ready for a regret.

Have WhatsApp Blast Sender Now...!!!.

Kenapa Kamu harus memiliki WhatsApp Blast Sender Lisensi 1 Tahun?

  • Bisa menggunakan untuk mengirim pesan massal
BELI WhatsApp Blast Sender Lisensi 1 Tahun DI SINI ...Untuk mengetahui dan membeli produk diatas silahkan klik link yang tersedia. Disana anda akan memperoleh detail mengenai produk yang akan anda beli.

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